Welcome to the S.A., Sustainability Assessment Unit Website

The Sustainability Assessment Unit provides scientific-based support to impact assessments within the European Commission, through development/application of two integrated assessment tools:

  • The Life Cycle Assessments Tool for Impact Assessments (EPLCA), for the provision of life cycle related information, data coherence and quality assurance across EU institutions and European consumers and business, based on the development of methods, guidelines and tools specific to sustainability life cycle assessments of industrial processes, products and organizations.
  • The Land-Use based Integrated Sustainability Assessments Platform (LUISA), for the evaluation of management options in response to policy and socio-economic scenarios, based on land use modelling methods.

Both platforms will further integrate and interact with sectoral and thematic modelling facilities within and outside the JRC.

The Unit is committed to applying new approaches and methods to perform integrated sustainability assessment and impact analyses across EU policies, particularly supporting improved resource efficiency in Europe and the strengthening of a green and circular economy. The focus is on the provision of knowledge, modelling tools, reference data, scenarios and examples of best practices, which all serve as a research base for policy recommendations, often following a life-cycle thinking approach. Unit H.8 is one of the few JRC units which provide methodological guidance, consultancy and training for IA tools proposed in 2014 by the EC Secretariat General to support impact assessments for policy documents.

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